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Visit the Island of Embiez near Sanary-sur-mer

Categories : Where to go for a walk?, Water activities, published on : 11/17/23

A paradise island a stone’s throw from Sanary-Sur-Mer

The island of Embiez, one of the Paul Ricard islands (purchased in 1950), is an essential destination for all vacationers looking for a heavenly getaway by the sea! This white sand paradise is located on the French Riviera in the Var, just 1 km from Six Fours and facing Sanary sur mer.

With a total area of ​​95 hectares, it is a real gem with everything to please:

fine sandy beaches with crystal clear waters,
preserved flora and fauna,
many outdoor water activities,
a museum and aquarium,
a charming marina,
nature hikes,
a visit to the island by little train,
bike and boat rentals (catamaran, sailboat)…
It is a natural site of rare beauty and alone contains 90% of Mediterranean plant biodiversity. A real haven also for birds according to the League for the Protection of Birds.

With today more than 300 floral and fruiting species, wild and fragrant vegetation, as well as coves and coves sculpted by the waves, the 95 hectares of this island are nestled in the heart of a site of the European Natura 2000 network, bringing together more than 1,700 French terrestrial and marine sites, recognized for the rarity and fragility of their ecosystems.

This natural sanctuary preserves its uniqueness by deliberately limiting construction and reducing car traffic as much as possible.

Water activities on the island of Embiez

The island of Embiez, in the heart of the Mediterranean, offers an incredible variety of water activities throughout the year.

Its preserved coves offer an ideal place to practice board sports:

  • surf,
  • windsurfing/sailing,
  • kitesurfing,
  • stand-up paddleboarding,
  • the kayak,
  • water skiing (jet-ski),
  • the wing foil…
  • Divers and scuba diving (snorkeling) enthusiasts can even explore the turquoise waters around the island and discover the richness and beauty of the region's underwater world!

Where to swim on the island of Embiez?

In addition to its aquatic activities, the island of Embiez is also the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing activity on the beach by the sea and especially swimming!

You will find beaches all around the island, where you can sunbathe differently every day! Thus, among the best-known beaches of the island of Embiez, you will find:

Salins beach, located in the north of the island, is a sandy beach with shallow water. Very close by, you will find two catering establishments to nourish you: sweet and savory,
German Beach, to the west, is the best known on the island. Facing the island of Grand Rouveau, it is made up of a multitude of beaches and coves,
Rix beach, located to the west, is nestled between two cliffs. It is more difficult to access on foot (but easily by kayak), does not have a large sandy area but is well sheltered and its clear water is a delight for the eyes,
The Coucoussa beaches, in the south-east of the island, are located opposite the Gaou peninsula. They benefit from protection in the event of a mistral, a wind coming from the north. Bring good shoes to go down there, but it's worth it!
The opportunity to swim in complete tranquility and watch the sunset near the coves, on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Visit the aquarium and the Paul Ricard Museum of the Oceanographic Institute

Fort Saint-Pierre is home to the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute, which studies marine biodiversity and undertakes research into aquaculture and the effects of marine pollution.

Founded in 1966, its objectives are to preserve marine biodiversity from climate change and the ecological restoration of the coastline. Within it, around a hundred animal and plant species coexist.

Currently under construction, it is home to hundreds of species, all more shimmering than the others:

  • groupers,
  • sars,
  • oblades,
  • mules,
  • wrasses,
  • seahorses,
  • moray eels,
  • anemones,
  • sea urchins,
  • sponges,
  • crustaceans such as lobsters, lobsters.

All these species, representative of the coastal depths of the Mediterranean, evolve within several ecosystems reconstituted in such a way as to offer a small “window on the sea”!

A museum enriches visitors' knowledge with collections dedicated to Mediterranean marine organisms, their habitats, as well as some archaeological artifacts from wrecks listed near Les Embiez (such as the Médailles wreck).

Getting to the island of Embiez: shuttle from the port of Sanary-sur-mer

From July 1 to September 17, a seasonal maritime connection is organized from the port of Sanary (opposite the town hall) to the island of Embiez.

The journey takes place aboard the Frédéric Mistral, a shuttle boat, and only lasts 20 minutes. For parking, the port car park is ideally located a few minutes' walk from the pier, offering plenty of parking spaces.

To get there: 19 Boulevard d’Estienne d’Orves, 83110 Sanary-sur-Mer.

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